At Matters in Gray we know that a business isn’t anything without its team, and that’s why we only employ the very best teachers to train our students and represent the MIG brand. We are honoured to receive countless feedback from our salons and students about how great they think our teachers are. And we have to agree.

So, we’d like to introduce to you one of the newest members of the MIG team, the lovely Fiona Ryan. (Fiona says hi!)

Fiona has been hairdressing for more than 20 years and has worked at a number of salons as a stylist and educator. For the past four years she has been teaching at TAFE. Fiona has competed in hair competitions and worked on photographic shoots for magazines and other publications. She keeps her professional development up to speed by attending numerous industry courses and has supported hairdressing big names over the years including Tracey Hughes.

Fiona is a passionate, hands-on teacher and has a particular fondness for long hair styling. In fact, she’ll be conducting a workshop later this year at MIG focusing on modern styles inspired by red carpet and catwalk looks and will demonstrate to students how to adapt them into easy, commercial styles suitable for salon use.

“I am aware of the importance of training and continual development being the basis of providing knowledge in all aspects of hairdressing,” Fiona tells. “By utilising my experiences from the work place and in the teaching environment, I love helping others to achieve their goals and aspirations as hairdressers.”

Want to spend 60 Seconds with Fiona Ryan? Read on!

What makes you laugh? A good comedy

Best weekend? Lazy morning brunch, walk and swim at the beach, cocktails watching the sun go down

Cat or dog? Labrador

Hair hero? Sharon Blain

The era you wish you’d been born in? The 80s, I love all of it. Actually I don’t think I ever really left it lol

Netflix binge? Suits

Celebrity crush? Bradley Cooper

Worst hair faux pas? The mullet

Last time you cried? I’m a sook, I cry at anything. Especially watching movies

Obsession? Good food and wine

Fave dance tune? Nutbush

Who would you invite to a dinner party? Pink. Prince Harry. Michelle Obama

What did you do on Valentine’s Day? Worked : ((

Last supper? Roast lamb

What do you love about teaching? Sharing my knowledge and helping others follow and learn their hair ambitions

In five years I’ll be…five years older!

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  1. Welcome Fiona. Looking forward to meeting you and perhaps introducing you to Benny. He is my labradoodle who visits MIG on Fridays.