Growth in the barbering sector is on an upward trajectory. Since the release of the Certificate III in Barbering, more and more students are registering their interest to be educated in the realm of men’s hair. MIG Journal caught up with recent one of our recent Cert III barbering graduates, Deana Stavrou from Mr Snippets in Clayfield, and asked her what it’s like being a female in a traditionally male arena.

Influenced by her barber brother, Deana decided to step out of the beauty industry and undertake a barbering certificate at MIG Training last year. “I was looking for a change in career and barbering seemed like a fun and exciting industry to be a part of,” she tells. “I really enjoyed learning new skills and the whole environment at Matters in Gray. The teachers and students were always a pleasure to be around and everyone is just super supportive.”

So what’s it like working in a field being mostly surrounded by men? “Having worked in the beauty industry prior to starting barbering, I went from a predominantly female industry to the complete opposite,” Deana laughs. “I love working with men, as the more relaxed vibe makes for a pleasant day’s work. Whilst I guess being in a male-based industry does have its challenges, any preconceived ideas people may have of my ability based on my gender are pretty quickly squashed after I’m done with their hair. I haven’t had an unhappy customer yet!”

Deana says that working alongside her brother at Mr Snippets is a big bonus and together they plan to grow grow the business, as well as travel overseas to improve her skills. “Mr Snippets is an awesome place to work, and being with Geordie makes it all the more enjoyable, as the banter is always in full swing. We’re all about providing exceptional service, quality cuts and a good time for everyone that walks through our doors. We aim to keep the shop personable with a modern vibe…it’s a great place to put in a hard day’s work.”

So what’s Deana’s favourite barbering style? “I love doing scissor cuts and swept back styles. Something about having scissors in my hand makes me feel more legit. Whilst a lot of barbering relies heavily on clippers, it’s nice to get back to the basics occasionally. I also love following the work of some of the industry’s best barbers – obviously my brother Geordie, but also a few rad barbers and brands on Instagram like @Trebonds, @wolfmanbarber and of course @Barebonesoriginal.

There’s no doubting that Deana has a real passion for her newfound career, and by the looks of some of her work, she is indeed a star in the making. We asked Deana if she would recommend barbering to other young people, including females, to consider as a potential career?

“Absolutely!” she enthuses. “As long as people are willing to learn and work hard, barbering is a fantastic community to be a part of. You get to meet heaps of interesting people and there is never a dull moment. Being a creative industry, most people are pretty open-minded, so everyone can feel welcome to join.

“And when it comes to barber training, MIG is an excellent training organisation. The teachers and staff are super hands-on and always willing to share their knowledge and experiences. The College itself is phenomenal, with everything you’d need to learn and strengthen your skills provided for you. Highly recommended!”