Nestled in the heart of Brisbane’s inner west, Urban Chic isn’t just a salon; it’s an embodiment of a dream, with a whole lot of style thrown in for good measure. For the past 18 years, Urban Chic has been redefining hair care, styling, and empowerment.

MIG has had the pleasure of supporting owner and founder Amy Gaudie with the training of her team, and we have been lucky enough to have had front row seats to witness the journey of this thriving salon. Watching the passion, innovation, and camaraderie that have fuelled its success first-hand.

A Journey of Passion and Growth

“I was 22 years old and naive to be honest, and thought I could take on the world,” reflects Amy, whose dedication is evident in every facet of Urban Chic. “What a rollercoaster it has been,”, reminiscing about the day she decided to venture into the world of an entrepreneur and salon owner.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a fierce determination, Amy set out to create a space where people not only received incredible hair care but also felt empowered. Opening its doors in 2005, Urban Chic began as a humble dream. The sole goal was to provide hair services that resonated with clients. Over the years, the salon has evolved, not only offering top-notch hair transformations but also cultivating a salon culture that resonates with clients and stylists alike.

Behind the Scenes of Urban Chic

Urban Chic’s team is a carefully curated blend of talents, each contributing to the salon’s vibrant atmosphere. The roster includes Amy, the award-winning visionary owner herself, Manager/Master Stylist, Annie, Master Stylist, Sass, Senior Stylist, Tilly, Apprentice Ynez and even a furry friend – the Salon Puppy, Winny. This team’s harmony and camaraderie play a pivotal role in fostering the salon’s distinctive style and feel.

At the heart of Urban Chic’s philosophy lies the belief in the power of education. “Education is the key to our future,” Amy emphasises. This philosophy extends to both hair styling excellence and a commitment to empowering each other. With an unwavering belief in providing the Urban Chic team “endless opportunities to grow”, Urban Chic doesn’t just create beautiful hair; it creates opportunities for growth and learning for its team.

Creating a Legacy Through Education

A salon’s true mark of excellence often lies in its ability to attract and retain exceptional staff. “Attracting and retaining great staff is really hard right about now,” Amy acknowledges. Yet, Urban Chic excels in this department by fostering an environment of constant learning, growth, and mutual support. The salon’s secret sauce lies in its unwavering commitment to supporting and empowering one another.

But what truly sets Urban Chic apart is its dedication to education. “Education is everything for a business,” Amy asserts. With clients constantly seeking trendsetting colour and styling, the team stays ahead through continuous learning. From winning competitions in both the creative and business space to creating a salon culture that resonates with the community, Urban Chic has become a beacon of excellence.

A Symphony of Education and Empowerment

The salon’s education approach is unique and effective. The owner believes in harnessing industry experts to impart knowledge. Featured guest artists frequently grace the salon, providing diverse insights and techniques. For Urban Chic, education isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept. Instead, it’s a collection of tools and tricks that empower stylists to excel in any situation. The education approach is nimble, current and tailored to the individual.

This commitment to education extends particularly to apprentices and emerging stylists, who are considered the foundation of the industry. “I take Apprentices and Emerging Stylists very seriously,” Amy notes. By nurturing and guiding these budding talents, Urban Chic ensures the longevity and quality of the hairdressing profession.

Powerful Partnerships for Lasting Impact

Behind Urban Chic’s education success are strong partnerships. One such vital collaborator is L’Oréal, an education partner that provides unwavering support. “Every single day, I have them on speed dial,” Amy smiles. L’Oréal’s partnership elevates Urban Chic’s hair care prowess, empowering the team to deliver exceptional transformations.

Amazing Hair is another key partner, providing all the long hair needs for clients, editorial work, and the team itself. And when it comes to styling, GHD’s products enable Urban Chic to craft trendsetting looks that captivate.

A Legacy of Empowerment and Beauty

As Urban Chic celebrates its 18th year, it’s not just about hair – it’s about the remarkable journey, the education-driven philosophy, and the community of empowered women it has fostered. Urban Chic is a testament to the resilience of dreams and the power of education. With the heart of a dreamer and the skills of an industry expert at the top of her game, Amy continues to shape Urban Chic into a haven of beauty, empowerment, and education, leaving an indelible mark on our industry and beyond.



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