MIG has developed a really cool diagnostic tool for salon owners and managers to benchmark themselves against the best in industry.  

The Apprentice Builder scorecard consists of 20 questions designed to highlight a salon or Barbershops strengths and weaknesses in terms of building and developing great apprentices and great teams.

The scorecard provides instant feedback and actionable step on how to improve your salon through education and development of your people.

MIG’s Apprentice Builder Scorecard will score your business against the 4 key areas of:

  • Design
  • Professionalism
  • Technical Skills
  • Communication

Specifically, it provides a score on the following:

  • The design systems that are in place to create the space and educate the team
  • The Professionalism of the team and the standards that matter
  • The teams technical skills and knowledge
  • And finally the communication skills that demonstrate a clear identity, a sharing of ideas and a cohesive team

The scorecard is a great first step for those looking to venture into apprenticeship training or growing a team for the first time but it is also a great for those who have apprentices to get a snapshot of where their strengths and weaknesses lie. It takes 2 minutes. It is completely free and provides customised feedback instantly

To take the MIG Apprentice builder scorecard, click here.