After winning an art competition that was judged by British hairdressing icon Vidal Sassoon in London, Mandy was offered an apprenticeship with the great man himself! How’s that for a sterling career start? From that moment Mandy was hooked on hairdressing and has a phenomenal 35 years of experience under her belt, including two decades owning and managing salons.

Eight years ago Mandy joined the MIG Training education team and her goals are always to inspire and excite young hairdressers to be the best. Seriously, is there anything this woman doesn’t know about cutting hair? We doubt it to be honest, so we asked her to divulge a few other secrets instead.

Let’s get up close and personal with Leanne, shall we?

Star sign? Taurus

How would your co-workers describe you? Blunt and a little too honest sometimes.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Try not to take things too personally.

Celebrity crush? Slash and Russell Brand


What part of your job would people find most surprising? I think they would be surprised that considering the type of students I teach (disengaged youth), that I learn things from them on a regular basis about how to be a better human being.


What do you do when you’re feeling uninspired? Go on a holiday


Fave food & beverage? Chocolate and coffee


Describe your best weekend. Either relaxing doing nothing or a music festival


Career highlight? I have one every year, seeing my students finally succeeding at something and graduating!


Hair hero? Vidal Sassoon

The era you wish you’d been born in? The mid to late 40s because I would have been a teenager in the 60s for the beehives, mini dresses and the Beatles!

If you could invite any three people to a dinner party, who would they be? Lady Gaga, John Edwards and Prince Harry

What do you love about working at MIG? Everything (except marking)

Fave Netflix binge? At the moment, The Good Place

Last supper? That would be a long list of desserts

What makes you laugh? People falling over. I try not to laugh but I can’t stop myself! 

In five years I’ll be….Older. And still working at MIG!