With the barbering industry on a steep upward rise, the demand for barber training is growing fast, so to keep up with demand we’ve been searching for another stellar barber to join the MIG education team…and we’ve found someone amazing!

Please join us in welcoming Davide D’Annunzio, who along with Fiona Ryan is one of the newest educators at Matters in Gray College.

With a rich ancestry of barbers in the D’Annunzio family dating back to his great grandfather, you could says that barbering is in Davide’s blood. One of his key strengths is being able to envision and create the ‘look’ that clients often struggle to express. Accompanying his listening skills is a mastery of scissors; in fact Davide prides himself on creating contemporary, clean cuts using only scissors as his tool.

Davide’s passion for barbering intertwines with his love for teaching others his craft and unlocking their potential. He has an approachable personality and a simple, straightforward teaching style that allows students of any skill set to feel comfortable and enjoy learning. And secretly, David has a passion for performing, so don’t be surprised if you see him whipping up a storm on a dance floor near you soon!

We found out a few more secrets in our 60 Seconds with Davide D’Annunzio chat. Read on!

The era you wished you been born in? Early 1900s, no phones, no TV, everyone just hung out with each other

Fave food and bev? Lasagna and Vanilla Coke

Career highlight? Working as a performer at Movie World!

What makes you cry? Disney films

Hair hero? MC Barber

Cat or dog? Rottweiler

Who would you invite to a dinner party? Jim Carrey, Dr Karl, and Donald Trump.

Last supper? A meatball Subway

Fave dance tune? ‘Dance Floor’ by Zapp

Worst hair faux pas? Overgrown mullets

What makes you laugh? Accidental falls

Biggest inspiration? Jim Carrey

What do you love about teaching? Seeing the transformation of students

Obsession? Coffee and Tim Tams

In five years I’ll be…A father, a preacher and a better dancer