In previous MIG Journal editions we’ve introduced you to some of our newest educators on the Matters in Gray team…so we thought it pertinent to wind back the clock and focus on MIG’s most longstanding team member this time, the wonderful Jenelle Arnott, who has been a member of the Gray family long before MIG even existed.

College Trainer (Workplace), Jenelle commenced her hairdressing career 43 years ago in the era of French rolls, barrel curls, perms, pageboy haircuts, beehives and chignons. We call her the foundations queen!

Jenelle’s hairdressing journey included managing a small chain of Brisbane salons and working for Rod Gray Sr prior to joining Matters in Gray 25 years ago as a trainer. For the past nine years she has held the role of Apprentice Coordinator and personally undertakes many hairdressing courses to keep abreast of industry trends, including a recently completed Master Colour program.

Want to learn a little more about Jenelle? Here are a few tidbits to keep you in the loop…

Star sign? Sagittarius

Describe yourself in 3 emojis…I have no idea what emojis would describe me!

Okay, well how would your co-workers describe you? They’d probably say that I talk a lot and that I’m the office pen thief. I am known for taking people’s pens and forgetting to return them.

Celebrity crush? Richard Gere

Fave food & bev? My mum’s cooking and red wine. Being Italian, her food is still amazing at 84!

Hair heroes? Jules and Benni Tognini

Best weekend? Going away and be totally pampered.

Career highlight? Seeing my apprentices complete their apprenticeship, and because I have being doing it for a while, then seeing them have their own business or managing salons and being asked to train their apprentices.

Era you wished you’d been born in? I am happy that I was born in the 50s. I’ve been able to experience things that this generation will never experience and doing all aspects of fabulous hairdressing.

Obsession? Ice cream

Fave pet? Cats

What part of your job would people find most surprising? The amount of kilometres I drive in a week.

Worst hair faux pas? Long mohawk

What makes you sad? Watching the news and seeing how children in other countries are suffering.

Last supper? Crabs and prawns with Boy George, Nicole Kidman and of course, Richard Gere (who would sit next to me!)