I thought I’d share something that’s been an important part of our education offering for salons for a number of years. Critically in working with salons to educate their teams over many years, we’ve identified a key area that lacks support. That is that there is little in the way of education for salon owners, seniors and mentors in how to train and develop their apprentices. As a Registered Training Organisation, at MIG were really well placed to see the success of salons that have a strong internal culture and a systematic way that they practically skills train their staff.

Conversely, we also see the impact that time pressures, staffing issues and the strains that are placed on running salon business has on building productivity, and a training culture. In response, as part of our apprentice builder education package, MIG exclusively offers our salon clients and barbershops a blend of hands on workshops and video tutorials for the in-salon trainers who are in charge of building the skills of their teams. The aim of this part of our apprentice builder program is to refine the training skills in cutting of those salon managers and in salon trainers, and to also share a few trends and tricks so that they can keep ahead of the education game and produce outstanding results. The program was introduced as an additional service to the salon clients we work with, but it also really extends the MIG apprenticeship training methods through the whole salon so that it helps with consistency and a really fluid outcome in the business. Our observations with the salon clients over the years have indicated that they’re so busy training their salon teams that they often forget about themselves. So this professional development helps to go a step towards that as well. And at MIG we greatly value the relationships we have with our salon clients so we’re proud that apart from the cost of the head block the program is absolutely free for MIG salons and the program is for all in-salon trainers, mentors and seniors who are responsible for building the skills of their emerging stylists.

Currently included in the program is the fundamental building blocks that make up the craft of cutting so solid, layers and graduation. And these are presented in one of three full day workshops at MIG Training. The participants also receive full access to the MIG employers lounge which includes a suite of online education tools, including videos, glossy learner guides and step by step learning resources. I suppose the exciting part for MIG is that we’ve only really scratched the surface with what we can add value to beyond delivering apprenticeship training. So filming is well underway on a comprehensive suite of resources that will expand from the fundamentals of cutting through to colour.  Plans are also afford to continue to develop the program to include a lot more in the apprentice builder resources and workshops that will cover a series of contemporary and essential haircuts, which we’ll call the MIG collection. The support we offer our salon client educators covers a wide spectrum of the fundamentals and creative parts of hairdressing education, and help support and enhance the apprentice journey and the journey that they provide to the rest of their teams as well.

We’d love to be a trusted education partner with you. If you’d like to find out how we can work together it would be great to connect. Thank you.